Nations and Races


The “Chosen Race” as they like to regard themselves, humans were gifted nearly a millenia ago with the power of Sen, an unrivaled elemental energy that the other races were simply unable to stop. When a mid-ranking human with Sen can topple even the greatest Elven archmagus, the force of Sen is clearly impossible to mitigate. The great war that broke out with the advent of Sen lasted a mere twenty years, before all races of the land were subjugated and relegated to their low status level.

Note: All races that are not Human have a natural maximum Sen of 11. They may have less, and suffer Sen Sickness accordingly, but this is the maximum they can possess.

Once the graceful, loving race of nature and art, elves are now mostly loved as Slaves. Long-lived, reasonably easy to train and beautiful in their own right, they are regarded as the ideal property by humans of Zeal. They typically lead rich lives from the other races, and are treated much like how the Queen of England treats her corgis.

There are rumors of Elves still providing resistance, but these remain little more than rumors. The last major Elven uprising was nearly 700 years ago, and no one alive – not even an Elf – remembers the specifics.

The grunty, hard working dwarves make some of the finest laborers and craftsmen. A person in Zeal would regard them as difficult to train, but loyal if you can convince them to turn to a faithful follower. They often find themselves in mining labor camps, workshops, and doing the hard lifting in challenging situations.

The dwarves, in typical dwarven fashion, all up and vanished into mountains and went underground. Over time, humans have paid others to go into the tunnels and hunt dwarves, but generally they’ve remained undisturbed for hundreds of years. It’s entirely possible an entire nation exists underground that the humans are unaware of…

Nations and Races

Zeal, the land of Sen Magia