Population of Capital, Prism: 400,000

Population of Country: 5,800,000

A sprawling nation, “Zeal” is both the name of the nation, and the landmass in the sky. Zeal is made up of several hundreds of small islands, floating in the sky far above the land. Zeal is adorned by many cities, the central of which is its capital, Prism. The capital’s island, Alabaster is approximately the size of Ohio. The other islands in their totality make up a landmass approximately the size of Texas, but many islands are significantly smaller. The smallest island is only large enough for a single building, called “Meteo Island”.

When the capital, or any of the seven main islands passes over the land, it blots out the sky, producing the “Zealnight”. All the illumination on the land below it comes from the glow of Sen from the base of the island, casting a strange red glow over the land.


Zeal is a chain of large islands, chained by air flows to the capital of the same name. Centrally governed by powerful air, fire and water users, the islands are all coordinated to fly about the world, many trailing the capital city, some flying about as pathways back to the country.

Wind tunnels link the islands and allow movement between them. These are pathways through the chains, allowing one to travel safely along a lit walkway through the air, from island to island. At times these tunnels are closed, to allow outer islands to stray further from the mainlands, while still maintaining a link.

Wind elevators link the islands to the world below, allowing a person to descend or ascend safely.

Approximately 700 years ago, there was a disaster where the Sen bonds became broken, causing dozens of small, outer islands to crash to the world below. Thousands died in these incidents.


Ripped from the world by the three brothers, Karthas, Magia and Philouen, Zeal was once a verdant valley, surrounded on all sides by immense mountains. Called “Harvest’s Bounty”, the healthy land was rent into large pieces, and cast into the sky on the raw energy of Sen. The people of the valley became forever changed, as the world’s life force moved through them, and became a part of them. After a year of shaping it and altering it, the people in Harvest’s Bounty had grown accustomed to the unlocking of Sen in their bodies, and the land that they called home flying through the sky. The brothers established order, governance, and strict instruction on how to master the control of the flying lands. Chains of wind bound the islands together, that they were all controllable from the heart of the islands, what once was the center of the valley, and the land upon which Zeal, the capital, was founded.

The Islands

1. Alabaster
2. Ruby
3. Sapphire
4. Emerald
5. Sunstone
6. Topaz
7. Amethyst
8. Onyx


Zeal, the land of Sen Magia