Welcome to Zeal

Flying city

A world where the impossible is possible, where humanity has ascended and become bonded to the elements themselves. In this high magic world, you’ll quickly discover not only your potential, but that of the environment itself around you.

The legend behind the nation of Zeal is tied to the three brothers, Magia, Philouen and Karthas. Each was born long ago, and found a natural connection to the three elements, Water, Air and Fire, respectively. They studied magic, but they soon realized, their innate powers far exceeded the limitations of arcane incantations. In a grand ritual, they sundered the earth from the planet along a key ley line, and launched it into the sky, suspended over the planet. They named their nation “Zeal”.

With the breaking of the land, Sen was unlocked, and it poured out into the human race, increasing their Sen levels beyond that of what was natural. Rapidly they surpassed the other races with their newfound talents. War broke out, rampaging across the land, until the Sen-empowered humans held most of the world in their grasp. Standing above in the heavens, beyond the touch of land, they resided in their capital, Prism.

Nearly a millenia of dominance has transpired, and Sen is accepted as natural, common, and expected. Those born without the gift die, and those born with the gift in abundance thrive. Where this will take the world into the next days of its life have yet to be seen…

Zeal, the land of Sen

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